One trend that I always enjoy seeing at weddings, is something that may not be immediately noticed. When a bride and groom think about their guests and have them share in the joy of their special day, the happy couple can indulge everyone with a “Signature Cocktail” during, of course, the cocktail hour.

How to go about choosing your “Cocktail”      Keep your color scheme in mind With so many ingredients, colors, liqueurs, and sweeteners available, it may be very easy to have the drink match your bridesmaids dresses or overall color theme.

Talk to the experts!     Ask your bartender and/or reception site. Chances are that they may have a list of fantastic and tasty cocktail you may be able to sample during your tasting.

Name it!    This is where you can have the most fun.  Play it seriously or put your own unique spin on it. Perhaps your wedding party would like to help choose a name?

Share it!      It’s easy enough to write down the recipe for your signature cocktail and put it on a card for your guests to take with them. Make sure you add the name of your drink and a little thank you on the bottom of the card.

This is just one small way to make your wedding something special, something that your friends will remember. I hope this has given you some ideas and that your individual creativity can take it further to make it your own.

Have fun
Stan James
James Photography and Imaging

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