No matter how well planned, emergencies and the unexpected can always pop up on your wedding day. Be prepared – have an emergency kit ready to go – then hand it over to your Maid of Honor to handle. Every Wedding day Emergency kit should include:

• Bottled water and an energy bar – keep hydrated & nourished
• A travel sewing kit – make sure it has white thread
• Make a small medical kit with: Tweezers, Band-Aids & Liquid Bandage, Antiseptic wipes, Aspirins, Eye drops & Contact solution, a backup supply of any medications, etc.
• Dental floss and a travel toothbrush
• Breath mints
• Baby wipes – can be used under arms too
• Tissues
• Safety pins
• Double stick tape
• A small travel mirror or compact
• Bobby pins and hair spray
• Nail glue and eyelash glue – other than their purpose, they can fix a multitude of problems
• Baby powder – prevents chaffing, helps Spanx and under garments slip on easy
• Lint brush
• Static Cling spray
• Q-tips – for dabbing the corners of your eyes – don’t rub!

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