Size does matter on your wedding day – when it comes to per person expenses.

The simplest way to control your budget is by limiting the number of guests you invite to your wedding. Certain costs are ‘fixed’ regardless of the number of guests you are having (ie. your marriage license, the officiant, music & entertainment, photographer). However, more than half of your wedding budget will be spent on the reception – food, alcohol, décor, rentals, etc. (Keep in mind the Wedding package per person cost generally does not include tax and gratuity, which is 7% tax in New Jersey and anywhere from 18 – 25% gratuity; quickly making a $100 per person package $127+. Times that by 150 guests and you are talking about over $4,000.) It is not just the reception package that adds up, additional costs per person include invitations, favors, and centerpieces, so by keeping check on your guest list the savings (or costs) can add up quickly.

If you simply can’t cut your list, consider a more informal reception or changing the day or time of your reception – many venues will work with you on pricing if you go with a Thursday, Friday or Sunday wedding or opt for a Brunch or luncheon.

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