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Honoring a deceased loved one at your wedding

Honoring a deceased loved one at your wedding Planning your wedding is a joyful and fun time, but when either of the couple have a deceased parent, sibling or loved one; the loss can seem more noticeable.  There are many ways of honoring a deceased loved one at your wedding. Your wedding is a celebration [...]

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First Look Pictures

“First Look” Photos Can Make Your Wedding Day More Memorable I have been photographing weddings since 1980 and when I first started, the majority of the weddings followed the same sequence, the brides house, the ceremony, the park formals and the reception. Traditionally most wedding ceremonies took place in a church or temple separate from [...]

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Wedding Day Emergency Kit

No matter how well planned, emergencies and the unexpected can always pop up on your wedding day. Be prepared - have an emergency kit ready to go - then hand it over to your Maid of Honor to handle. Every Wedding day Emergency kit should include: • Bottled water and an energy bar - keep [...]

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Your Wedding Signature Cocktail

One trend that I always enjoy seeing at weddings, is something that may not be immediately noticed. When a bride and groom think about their guests and have them share in the joy of their special day, the happy couple can indulge everyone with a “Signature Cocktail” during, of course, the cocktail hour. How to [...]

Saving Money On Your Wedding Reception

Size does matter on your wedding day - when it comes to per person expenses. The simplest way to control your budget is by limiting the number of guests you invite to your wedding. Certain costs are ‘fixed’ regardless of the number of guests you are having (ie. your marriage license, the officiant, music & [...]

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